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Straight Talk from the Frontlines

Whatever happened to the dream where someone pays you to retire?

That dream is still alive, but it won’t materialize unless you are informed and committed to a plan.

The good news is, if you plan effectively, there is no reason why you can’t exit your business with your head held high, your wallet sagging, and your legacy in place. In Straight Talk, Matt revisits the dream and what it takes to achieve it, today.

What is the New Exit?

The mindset of selling a business has shifted in the last several years. Many baby boomers are not looking to outright retire. They simply want to take their chips off the table, simplify life, and transition out on their own terms. They are seeking to maximize proceeds by choosing the right buyer and sticking around to help them succeed… the “New Exit.”

The New Exit allows business owners to secure a financial future with cash proceeds from the sale while retaining significant upside potential. The New Exit also provides a predictable path to retirement and security against declining health. It is in many ways, superior to the traditional sale process. Straight Talk will help you understand if the New Exit might be right for you.

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The Straight Talk Instructional Program

The Straight Talk Instructional Program contains essential information for anyone holding an ownership position in a privately held company. Matt explores the “New Exit” and practical considerations business owners should understand before they enter the market.

  • 2 copies of Straight Talk (one for you and one for an advisor)
  • CD/DVD of Matt’s interview with John Ondik of the Wharton Small Business Development Center
  • Sample transaction documents to provide a tangible link to what is discussed in the book and on the CD/DVD

In the interview, Matt and John discuss common questions and misconceptions about first-time selling owners have and specific actions you should take before beginning the selling process. Simple and often inexpensive tasks can have a profound impact on selling price and seller proceeds. This DVD also functions as a CD for listening in the car.

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