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Listed below are selected BMA’s acquisition opportunities. Click the “Summary” link for a pdf of an Executive Summary. If interested, please click “Confidentiality Agreement” to download the opportunity specific CA. Please complete and email back to info@bma1.com.
Client #10358

Established E-Commerce Retailer

Status: Available

This company is an e-commerce retailer and distributor with more than 30 years in business. They serve customers throughout North America and the world with prompt, friendly customer service at very competitive prices. The company operates with a lean, but efficient overhead structure with employees who are heavily cross trained. The owner is planning for retirement but is willing to remain involved for a mutually agreeable transition period.

$ Thousands2019
Adjusted EBITDA$376
Client #10369

Importer & Seller of Outdoor / Branded Products

Status: Available

This company is a unique find in today’s market. They have historically done well in recessions and are ideally suited for times when Americans “stay-cation”. Recent developments have increased the breadth of what they can sell into their core marketplace while competing activities have been cancelled. They are adding store and warehouse capacity in 2020. Significant barriers to entry are present in their space.

$ Thousands20192020E
Adjusted EBITDA$3,178$4,000
Client #10371

Premium Auto Repair

Status: Sale Pending

This is an established auto repair shop (Delaware County, PA) that offers extensive vehicle maintenance and repair services. Recent investments in software and technology have set the company apart from competition in the area. Adjusted EBITDA is presented after $100K in officer compensation. Business is offered at $800K and an SBA lender has reviewed indicating a qualified buyer could purchase with $90K down payment.

$ Thousands2019
Adjusted EBITDA$215
Client #10367

Distributor / Installer

Status: Available

This company sources and installs prefabricated buildings for an extensive and diverse customer base. End users can be found in the manufacturing, recycling, energy, timber, farming, and public sectors. 2019 was a strong year and very recent 2020 projections continue to project similar results.

$ Thousands20192020E
Adjusted EBITDA$1,373$1,234
Client #10368

Industrial Hygiene, Health & Safety

Status: Sale Pending

This company provides solutions for compliance and non-compliance safety and health issues and risk management. They have a strong, defensible position in an increasingly attractive market. A recognized leader in their region, much of their work now comes via repeat business and referrals. The owners are planning for retirement, but will support during a transition period.

$ Thousands20192020E
Adjusted EBITDA$932$1,200
Client #10365

Industrial & Construction Products Distributor

Status: Sold

This Mid-Atlantic company is a distributor of a specific metal based products and related accessories used in applications across the construction and industrial fields. Their customer base has been diverse with over 200 unique clients, with most being repeat customers. The owners are approaching retirement and wish to seek a new owner to continue serving to continue serving their customers and markets.

$ Thousands2019
Adjusted EBITDA$525