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Client #10396

Industry Leading Equipment Distributor

Status: Available

This company provides “best in class” equipment and has been doing so for over 30 years. They have a successful and efficient parts and service operation, but there is significant room to grow that part of the business.

The equipment they sell is an integral part of their clients’ operations. This company sells arguably the best brand on the market, and they are well known throughout the region. The bulk of their equipment sales comes via referral.

$ Thousands2021E
Adjusted EBITDA$550
Client #10393

Distributor & Installer (Annual / Recurring Service Revenue)

Status: Available

This company sells, installs, and services the best brand in the business. Revenue comes from new product sales and the ongoing service of that same product. The manufacturer’s warranty requires the equipment be maintained by a certified service provider so the percentage of their installed based that they service is high.

The company is growing. Sales are as high as they have ever been and their backlog is growing as well. There are very real growth opportunities available with the addition of one or two new service crews and continued expansion into an adjacent market they already serve.

$ Thousands2020
Adjusted EBITDA$708
Client #10391

Providing Equipment, Consumables, and Service

Status: Available

This company sells both the “razor” and the “blades”. They provide equipment and the materials used by the equipment. The vast majority of their revenue comes from regular / ongoing material supply and related service. This is a purely B2B operation and their offering is an essential one – critical to client’s compliance and safety efforts.

The current owner has very few day-to-day responsibilities relying on an experienced office manager and operations manager to operate the business.

$ Thousands2020
Adjusted EBITDA$574
Client #10380

Refrigeration & HVAC Service Provider

Status: Available

A leading regional provider of commercial refrigeration and HVAC services, this company offers installation, service and repairs, and preventative maintenance. They serve an expansive and diverse customer base throughout the Delaware Valley and Central and Southern New Jersey. A highly knowledgeable and experienced team is in place.

The company is seeing a strong rebound in 2021 following the Covid-19 pandemic. Through the first six months of the year revenues have been in excess of $1.2M and Seller’s Discretionary Earnings exceeded $400K.

$ Thousands2021E
Adjusted EBITDA$600
Client #10367

Distributor & Installer of Building Solutions

Status: Available

This company sources and installs custom-engineered building solutions. End users are in the manufacturing, recycling, energy, and public sectors. They remained open and consistently busy throughout 2020 and EBITDA increased to $2.2M. 2021’s early results and strong backlog are pointing towards another good year.

The owners are planning for retirement. One owner (primarily focused on administration) is ready to retire in 2021. The other owner (focused on customers / estimating / field ops) would like to keep working for a few years.

$ Thousands20192020
Adjusted EBITDA$1,302$2,228
Client #10377

B2B Safety & Training Provider

Status: Sale Pending

This company provides safety, monitoring, and training programs that are innovative, customizable, and measurable. They serve a specific niche, serve it well, and have been doing so for over 20 years. Their services are an essential and non-optional part of their client’s service offering.

The current owner is willing to remain available to support a new owner during a transition. An experienced staff is also in place.

$ Thousands2021E
Adjusted EBITDA$580
Client #10387

Industrial Cleaning & Inspection Provider

Status: Available

A provider of industrial cleaning and inspection services. This company’s services are essential for continued use of certain infrastructure. The company serves a wide range of commercial, municipal, and residential customers. An experienced and skilled workforce is in place and the owners have placed an emphasis on building a team able to deliver consistent, high quality service to their customers.

$ Thousands20192020
Adjusted EBITDA$502$691
Client #10383

Provider of Environmental Related Services

Status: Available

This company is a full service professional environmental, health, and safety management company. They serve a diverse client base and offer a wide range of services including environmental consulting, waste management, environmental geology, and health and safety.

A longstanding presence in the marketplace and a commitment to delivering the highest quality services to their customers has led to more than 90% of their work coming from existing and returning clients.

$ Thousands20202021E
Adjusted EBITDA$437$580