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Listed below are selected BMA’s acquisition opportunities. Click the “Summary” link for a pdf of an Executive Summary. If interested, please click “Confidentiality Agreement” to download the opportunity specific CA. Please complete and email back to info@bma1.com.
Client #10413

Landscaping & Hardscaping

Status: Available

Based in Southeastern Pennsylvania, this company is a landscaping and hardscaping design and installation provider. In a large and fragmented industry, they have carved out a defined niche with a specific upscale client base. They offer a comprehensive range of services including garden maintenance and care, planting, hardscaping and lighting. Systems are in place professionalizing the business delivering high efficiency while maximizing profitability.

$ ThousandsFY22FY23
Adjusted EBITDA$374$447
Client #10412

Importing, Distribution & Turnkey Restoration

Status: Available

This company, based in the Mid-Atlantic region, operates in more than one niche of a very large market. They have built a defensible position in their space through a broad and diversified offering of products and services. They operate as an importer, distributor, and retailer to end users. They also offer turnkey restoration and project management services for organizations where their products are used. With more than a 50 years of continued operation they have developed a sticky customer base that continues to return year after year.

$ ThousandsFY22FY23
Adjusted EBITDA$1,142$1,222
Client #10383

Environmental, Health, and Safety Management Company

Status: Available

This company is a full service environmental, health, and safety management company. Services include government compliance consulting and support, waste management and transportation, safety training, drone analysis, and environmental consulting. The owners have focused on building a culture: hiring, developing, and retaining good people. Their team brings extensive experience in their respective fields. This company is well established in their key markets with 90% of their work coming from existing and returning clients. The base business is strong, but the growth opportunities available today are equally as strong. Current ownership is willing to remain with the business for an extended transition period and to advise the new owners over the longer term.

$ ThousandsFY22FY23
Adjusted EBITDA$935$990